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You deserve a Board Certified Pediatrician to guide you through your baby's sleep issues

“Dr Kulich’s Pediatric practice and sleep training service has taken New York by storm, and many of Manhattan’s elite depend on him not only for the first in care for their children, but to finally get that good nights sleep they deserve.”

        -Jill Zarin, author and star of The Real Housewives of New York

“A miracle had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally getting a very much deserved full night’s sleep. I believe in Dr. Kulich’ wholeheartedly; to me he’s like the baby whisperer.”

    -Helena Milic, featured mom on Pregnant In Heels.

Meet Dr Kulich

As a pediatrician and a working parent, I appreciate the need for a good night sleep for the well being of a child, and a family as a whole.  Having an infant that keeps the family awake places a unnecessary strain on the family and on the wonderful experience that is parenthood.

As a  pediatrician, I have been offering sleep training services to my patients for the last 15 years. I routinely lecture to parents at luncheons, such as BabyBites, about sleep training. Now, my unique, compassionate, comprehensive and detail oriented sleep training approach is available to families outside of my regular practice.

I offer a comprehensive sleep consultation that only a pediatrician can provide.

While a sleep consultant can guide you with basic principles of sleep training, they cannot differentiate between milk allergy, reflux, colic, failure to gain weight, inappropriate bedtime routine, and developmental disorders.  As a sleep consultant and a Board Certified Pediatrician, I provide not only sleep training guidance, but developmental assessments, nutritional assessments, and treatment of medical issues that can interfere with sleep training.

My personal, proven approach will provide a detailed sleep assessment and an individualized plan to assist your infant and child to sleep through the night.

  • Nighttime awakenings
  • Dysfunctional Bedtime routine
  • Nap training
  • Toddler and child wake ups
  • Medical Issues Interfering with sleep
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