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"I bought this book since i just had a baby and wanted to make sure i didn't make the same mistakes i made with my son from the beginning!

i found it to be informative yet concise. It's not a heavy read but you can find everything you need in detail. Very friendly and funny sense of humor.

"I loved it!!!"

This book helps equip parents with strategies and approaches that reduce stress and increase sleep. Book has reliable guidance and makes a difference in lives!

"My son has been a patient of Dr. Kulich for years. Having a child with "extra" needs, I never thought a decent night's sleep was possible. My son goes to be at 7:30pm, lights out, no complaints and I don't hear him until he wakes up at 7 am the next day. AMAZING! Dr.Kulich has given me my energy back to be the best Mom I can be. When Baby's happy, Mama's Happy!!"

My child had the worst trouble sleeping and this book helped me tremendously. Dr. Kulich has an easy to understand way of writing and has lots of helpful tips to get your baby the full night's rest they need and you need as well.

I have been so frustrated not being able to get my baby to sleep and I tried so many things and NOTHING worked. I felt like I was doing something wrong. He kept sitting up and he would not lie down. I had no idea that there was something wrong with him. It turns out that my baby had acid reflux. He didn't wanted to lie down because it hurt him more when he was lying down. I read about the possibility of acid reflux in this book and discussed it with my pediatrician. He gave me medication which helped him tremendously. I am so glad that I learned about this from this book. The other piece of invaluable information that I obtained from this book was how to get my baby to want to go into his crib. I always had to rock him to sleep in my arms because he would scream when I tried to put him in the crib. Dr. Kulich suggested a technique where I feed him in the crib and eventually he would think of it as a comforting environment and prefer to be in there. I tried this and it worked!! I am so happy that I discovered this book and am very thankful for Dr. Kulich for writing it and giving such great advice to parents. I wish I knew about this sooner. My life is so much easier now, my baby loves his crib, he sleeps every night and SO DO I!!!

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