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We realize you have many options to turn to to help get your baby to sleep. Why turn to Dr Kulich?

1. I'm a pediatrician. There are psychologists that use the phrase "Doctor" and some MD's that offer sleep training. But before you turn to someone to help your baby and child sleep, you should make sure that you are dealing with a Board Certified Pediatrician. Some people will claim to be experts, while all they do is sit in your home and hold your hand while your baby cries. Only a pediatrician has the breadth of knowledge to differentiate between Acid Reflux, Milk protein intolerance, feeding issues, behavioral issues, and the complex interplay these issues have in causing sleep problems. I give you proven strategies to help your child sleep in a manner that is tailored to your sleeping situation and your families needs, in addition to your child's development and medical issues.

Who would you trust your child's sleep to self proclaimed expert who has no formal training? To someone with zero experience who has attended a 3 day seminar given by someone with no formal training? Or would you trust your child's sleep training to an Ivy League educated, Board Certified Pediatrician, with over 15 years experience, and thousands of happy and healthy sleeping babies over the years.

2. One size does NOT fit all. There are many different reasons why infants and children don't sleep. Some have medical issues, some have behavioral issues, and some have combinations and multiple issues. Our plans are tailor made for your children . We don't have a canned set of instructions that we repeat for everyone.

3.We Don't like crying. Cry it out, and the Ferber methods are not our go to methods. We don't typically recommend them and our methods are generally cry free

4. Success rate: For parents who adhere to our advice, our success rate is 100% (and our advice does not typically involve crying)

5. Thousands of sleeping and happy babies and families over 10 years can't be wrong!

As a testament to my commitment to my patients, many families that I have made sleep consults for continue to use me as their primary pediatrician for years.

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