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A good night’s sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

Testimonials for  Dr Kulich

“Thank you so much Dr. Kulich for taking such great care of Julez.”

                 -Solange Knowles


“Dr Kulich’s Pediatric practice and sleep training service has taken New York by storm, and many of Manhattan’s elite depend on him not only for the first in care for their children, but to finally get that good nights sleep they deserve.”

        -Jill Zarin, author and star of The Real Housewives of New York



Dr Kulich’s service provides “sky high satisfaction” for patients.  

         -Wall Street Journal


“A miracle had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally getting a very much deserved full night’s sleep. I believe in Dr. Kulich’ wholeheartedly; to me he’s like the baby whisperer.”

    -Helena Milic, featured mom on Pregnant In Heels.



“Dr. Kulich is one of the kindest, most attentive and caring doctors we have ever met.  He is extraordinarily intelligent, and his approach to sleep is practical and useful for all types of parents!” 

        -Doryn Wallach, VP Creative development and Marketing, Lash Control


“I wish I had his book when my kids were young. It would have saved my wife and I many sleepless nights.” 

        -Dr Ronald Primas MD,  Doctor to the Stars


“Dr.. Kulich is much more than a sleep training expert to us; he has cared for our son with the highest possible degree of skill and compassion, steering us through medical issues both simple and complex.  His medical advice is definitive and scholarly, but at the same time he is young, vibrant and uniquely in touch with the realities of being a parent in this day and age.” 

        -David L. Scher, Esq. Block O'Toole & Murphy


“Dr. Kulich helped us put together a successful program to get the baby out of our bed and into his own. We could not have done it without his help.”

        -Matthew Birnbaum




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